Exclusive Private Label

We offer premium private label manufacturing with competitive pricing, quality products, and a hands-on customer service experience. Diverse, flexible options, high standards, and the ability to accommodate specialty requests have earned us a dedicated clientele. We utilize 37 years of experience in the industry to create and nurture your product or product line – from its conception to its realization. We customize your product to make it stand out on the shelves and help you market it to be successful.

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Store Brands

We understand market trends, replenishment systems, ROI targets and sustainability benchmarks. With 3,000 plus market tested formulas and a team of professional R&D chemists for modifications, we’ll outline a program and specific products that will meet your needs. Our in-house experts will help you define your brand positioning, comprehend your target market and advise on packaging and graphic options. You benefit from over three decades of creative innovation, manufacturing and marketing experience to create your own-brand product line.

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Advanced Technologies

We are the leader in this market for both personal and home care. Our first effervescent bath fizzies or bombs hit the market within our own brand in 1998 as the first US bath product using effervescent technology as a unique, fun product.

For brands with serious skincare, we offer a clean liposome technology that replaces petro-chemical processors with green ingredients. Agilosomes’ PEG-free process delivers a more natural, skin-friendly, and deeper penetrating liposome for sustainable beauty.

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Our Story

With a dynamic history of eco-friendly and diverse manufacturing, S&V Labs offers a unique range of services including concept creation, formula development, packaging design, QC laboratory, and more – all from the company’s two facilities in Watsonville, California. Smith & Vandiver – a classic family business that employs in the neighborhood of 450 people – is proud to manufacture a wide variety of traditional and natural bath, body and skincare products. The S&V team is committed to keeping its footprint as small as possible while creating luxurious, cruelty free products, all while helping turn concepts into market-ready products.


S&V Labs has a 30 year tradition of commitment to sustainability. We do our best to lessen our environmental impact and keep our footprint as small as possible. We offer natural and organic product formulations that are biodegradable and petro-chemical free. Many of our formulas are concentrated, which helps reduce fuel consumption and pollution from shipping water. We offer many packaging options that include recycled, regrind, compostable or recyclable materials. We also have aqueous varnishes and soy inks for use on packaging, and 100% post consumer recycled materials for shipper cartons. We recycle over 250,000 pounds of corrugate annually. The last load of cardboard recycling weighed over 37,000 lbs!