Effervescent and Tableting

S&V Labs is the leader in this market for both personal and home care. Our first bath fizzies or bombs hit the market within our own brand in 1998 as the first US bath product using effervescent technology as a unique, fun product.   Over the years we’ve continued our leadership with proprietary automation, formula patents and general exploitation of this green delivery system.

Our laundry tablets are formulated to disintegrate in cold water, which is essential for success in today’s laundry market. Both laundry and dish tablets use our proprietary, all-plant-based binder system which yields a safe-to-handle tablet without any cost or environmental burden of wrapping.

Whether you are adding a bath or shower tablet to your brand for some freshness, or developing a home care brand that doesn’t require shipping water or using troublesome pods, we have concepts ready and waiting.


Combining the best of nature, backed by science, Agilosomes are the next generation of liposome technology, providing a vastly superior method of active ingredient delivery for higher performance in skincare.

Agilosomes are based on a plant derived lysophospholipid extracted from non-GMO soybean lecithin combined with a proprietary 3-step physical process.

For brands with serious skincare, we offer a clean liposome technology that replaces petro-chemical processors with green ingredients. Agilosomes’ PEG-free process delivers a more natural, skin-friendly, and deeper penetrating liposome for sustainable beauty.