Liquid filling lines can produce:

  • 240,000 squeeze tubes per week
  • 300,00 bottles or jars
  • 280,00 pieces lip balm and other small sticks
  • 170,000 soaps or other hot pours (deodorants, heel sticks, salve tubs etc.)
  • 1,435,000 sample sachets and single use packets

18 Compounding Kettles ranging from 70 to 11,000 gallons with a variety of sweep, scissor, or planet mixers. Various tanks are equipped with homogenization, vortex, vacuum or tipping capabilities. Weekly batch production exceeds 200,000 pounds.

Effervescent and tableting requires premix in a ribbon blender – S&V has 4 ranging from 400 to 2,000 pounds with over 250,000 pounds per week capacity. With eleven mixers ranging from 60 to 250 pounds each, weekly production is 885,000 pounds of finished product mix.  Combining all formats and levels of automated forming, our 12 lines can produce 3.5 million tablets/balls per week.

Packaging capabilities include 12 shrink wrap and 6 banding machines, 9 shrink tunnels, 12 date coders, pouching, flow wrap, bagging, sleeve pack, auto and bar sealers, front-back, tamp and roll labelers.