S&V Labs maintains close relationships with hundreds of domestic and international packaging and printing vendors. We excel at finding top quality components in a wide variety of styles and packaging options.

Whether you’re looking for 5,000 pieces or 500,000 pieces, we have the ability to source the type of packaging you desire on any turnkey project.

Our packaging strengths include:

  • In-house 1,000 sq ft packaging library with samples of thousands of cosmetic containers, including sticks, tubes, bottles, jars, tins, caps, lids, foamers, deodorants, and tottles.
  • The ability to place orders, re-orders, and maintain inventory on your behalf.
  • New, unusual, and innovative packaging choices.
  • Ability to order customized packaging that may not be available in catalogs.
  • Managing lead times on components.

S&V Labs has access to many types of cosmetic packaging materials, including plastic, aluminum tins, flow wrap, shrink wrap, glass, paper, re-purposed, and recycled materials. Our packaging team has 35+ years of experience designing highly functional products that fit your price requirements.


S&V Labs has an expert in-house design team that’s ready to turn your project into a reality. Our expertise includes graphics and illustrations for labels, silkscreen, box designs, and displays. We work together as a team to create your brand’s image as well as meet industry standards for retail consumer packaging.

Once your packaging is chosen, we begin the process of designing artwork to your specifications. Whether you bring your own designs or have us start from scratch, we create mock-ups and “phototypes” for you to choose from. Our design team takes care of all the details, including quotes, label types, proofing, printing preparation and dies. We combine your input with our experience to produce the most attractive and cost effective packaging possible.

Our meticulous quality control includes visually inspecting packaging and reviewing art before it is approved for production. We communicate job specifications and can write packaging copy if requested. From start to finish, we ensure the quality of your product is exactly what you envisioned.